Chicago Lube Corp. provides basic maintenance and auto repair services at your place of work. We contract directly with your employer or property manager to provide our services. There is no charge to your employer. Employees are typically notified by email or by postings on the company bulletin board of our scheduled service dates or you can subscribe to service reminders sent directly from our website.  Employees can sign up with us by providing their auto information on our “Contact us” page. You can make an appointment and reserve a service slot ahead of time and speed up the check-in procedure by using our "Contact us" page. We also accept new or last minute customers at our service trailers on the day of service.  Your vehicle will be serviced while you are working. When finished, you can pick up your keys from our service trailer while we are on site, or from your concierge or security desk if you are working late. We accept cash, checks, MasterCard, Visa, and Discover cards.



We provide basic maintenance services such as oil and fluid changes, tire rotations, brake jobs, light bulb and windshield wiper replacements, tune ups and other services. We dispatch a fully equiped shop on wheels to your corporate location and set up in a corner of the parking lot for that day. All vehicles are checked in as the employee arrives for work. All work is completed that same day, usually by 2:00PM. We pack up and leave the site by 3:00PM, later if volume is heavy.



Our Service Procedure Has Been Designed for Your Convenience:

  • You will receive email reminders from your company per company policies. Reminders are sent out approx. one week prior to our service date at your location. Some companies post notices on bulletin boards.
  • During the afternoon on the day before our service date, we will bring our trailer, set it up at a prearranged location, and post our large, yellow signs at the entrances of your company.
  • No appointment is necessary for our service.
  • When you come to work, follow the signs to our service location on your parking lot. We have maps for each parking lot location on the email reminders or on the website Corporate Service Dates & Locations page.
  • We offer free valet service to your front entrance if you are running late or if the weather is inclement. We work 12 months of the year so there is no reason to not keep up with your service.
  • We work on your car while you are working. You can schedule an appointment online for early pick up if you need your car returned early.
  • After work, you pick up your car with your service up to date. You can pick up your keys from us as long as we are on site, or we make arrangements for keys to be held by security or the concierge.
  • That’s it! No more having to arrange rides to and from the repair shop or the dealer. Your weekends are free to spend time on what you want to do!



Fast Check-In ... Great Service ... 100% Satisfaction ...

Fast, Friendly Service  •We Save You Time  •We Save You Money  •We Are Convenient  •No Appointment Needed  •Free Valet Service